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Russ Otto Aerial PhotographyRuss Otto started flying aerial photography in the 1970’s with the objective of providing clients aerial photo tools that will help them do their job, show their properties to best advantage, and to Make Deals!

Go to our Site Locator to email your site request. We will contact you with a rate quotation and turnaround times.


We use only the finest Canon Professional imaging equipment, and the best Adobe Photoshop soft ware, but understand that lots of megapixels and great equipment is only part of the equation in obtaining great aerials for our clients.  Great image composition, and timely service, coupled with economic stimulus pricing adds to the synergy of our operation.


Russ is a commercial/ instrument pilot with many thousands of flight hours.  Our fleet of aircraft includes multiple models of Cessna high wing airplanes.  We can fly quickly to your sites, and slow down for the actual photography mission.  Our aircraft and pilots are positioned in multiple locations throughout the US.

We are a Veteran Owned Business.  Members of Angel Flight Network, Life Line Pilots, Veterans Airlift Command, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, and Certified Master Aerial Photographers through the Professional Aerial Photographers Association.



Assisting with the administrative chores as well as billing is Cheryl Otto, with her highly organized management skills.

Image composition

There is no minimum or maximum number of images, but we try not to give you duplicates.  Usually you will receive 12-20 images of each site.   Our image composition will feature your site to best advantage, and composed to show the market area and surroundings. These skillfully composed images will be useful marketing tools and will help your marketing team,  Make Deals !

Image Package

You will get 12-20 hi resolution digital images on CD or delivered electronically.  For most sites, we fly at 2000’ above the ground in a rectangle around the site, composing the images featuring your site in the lower center, and showing out 3+ miles, to include the surrounding retail/commercial activity in the area as well as roads and housing.  We fly retail sites during peak business hours to get good traffic in the lots.

Image Delivery

We can send a CD with all your images or delivery electronically.